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Some Reasons to Work

We Believe in Best Quality

Beyond the past and looking ahead, in the new period, we will continue to innovate and return on customers’ kindness and support with good quality, reasonable price and perfect products and service.

We Believe in Good Relation

We gather a number of managerial, technical, and marketing elite to build a complete operating system and ultra-conventional development mode.

We Believe in Abilities

You are warmly welcomed to request a quote from us for your Office Access Control Systems and Time and Attendance Systems (Biometric, Card, Facial and Password) to develop more efficiency among staff and also secure your valuables and working environment.


Cyberstone Technologies is a leading Biometric Attendance and Security Access and marketing of security products for customers throughout the country. Cyberstone started as a small ‘one man business’ in 2008 but was registered under the laws of the republic of Ghana in 2011.

Why Choose Us ?

Our core business is to monitor staff and employee attendance in corporate bodies, schools, churches, Quarry sites, Mining and Construction sites. We have network connections in almost every part of the country with our devices deployed and monitoring attendance and access in more than 5 regions in Ghana with majority being the Greater Accra Region. We also provide tailored based solution in office assistance and networking solutions to Churches, Hotels and Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations.

We Provide Solution on Your

We always strive to be better and to provide service-oriented and sustainable products that benefit our customers. We commit ourselves to providing better customer services. With many years’ experience, we currently have business links with over 100 companies and organizations all over the country and enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. We have nearly 80% of our products directly coming from ZKTeco and Lonestar and the remaining 20% from other security and biometric companies throughout Europe, Asia and USA.

Our Partners

Cyberstone Technologies has built good relationship with some of the world’s famous leading market players such as ZKTeco (ZK Software), Lonestar, Electrolux, Samsung, Philips, Nordson, etc., and we supply products from these market players to some other resellers and installers in Ghana as well. We remain dedicated to provide innovative products and excellent services for the best benefit of our customers.